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"Virtus" by Shard Climber


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36cm x 36cm 
700 GSM Cushion Board. 

This collaboration was a real treat! the Extreme Stuntman George King aka: (Shard Climber) the guy who climbed the Shard and many other famous and non-famous buildings To celebrate his recent climb of the Ferrari Rollercoaster located in Spain, we decided to create this 4 layer square piece of his final steps to the tip of the roller coaster.
Unbelievably he then BASE jumped off and landed into a near by car park where he was arrested and sent to prison. After this ordeal he visited my Print shop in Itaewon, South Korea where we worked on this limited print together where he hand signed all 30 of them. 

It was created with 4 Layers, a thick Aluminum base, a second rich black sky and 2 blended gradient layers to create the details of the rollercoaster and the man himself. this ink also reacts to UV light. Full video of this print will be available online.