Majestic Encounter - By Psoman


'Majestic Encounter'  created at Blackmarket Studio from Belgian Painter Psoman

Limited Edition 7 Layer Silkscreen Print - (50cm x 70cm)
Signed and numbered. 

273gsm Premium Vent Nouveau Eggshell Paper
Infused with ultraviolet pigment, coated metallic pigment and Oil based inks. 

Majestic Encounter is a first of its kind hybrid Screen-print layered with 3 completely unique mediums. With the celebration of Psomans arrival to Seoul, we created this to represent a long and prosperous friendship with BLKMRKT Brand and team. 

The Ultraviolet ink represents the vibrancy and uniqueness of our work and the metallic armor and gate represent the protection on our journey. 

40 pcs available with no reprints. 

Thank you for the continued support and we hope you love your new original Screenprints!