'Elixir' a Silkscreen Print by Psoman

'Elixir' created at Blackmarket Studio with Belgian Painter "Psoman"
Limited Edition 6 Layer Silkscreen Print - (50cm x 70cm)
Signed and numbered.
308gsm Premium Vent Nouveau Ash-Blue Paper
each layer is infused with ultraviolet pigment, coated metallic pigment and Oil based inks.

Elixir is a hybrid print using a twist of UV, metallic & satin pigments that give each layer a compleely different look. They respond to both Regular light and blacklights.

A combination of mettalic shimmers and soft satin textures under 2 different environments. This is a new type of process that we havent found anywhere else in the world. It's a rare gem for any print collector.

40 pcs available with no reprints.
Thank you for the continued support & we know you will love your new original BLKMRKT collectables!